Youth Bulge, Graying Population and Super Empowered Individuals (SEI)

A Youth Bulge is a phenomenon commonly seen in developing and least developed countries. The bulge of youths is often a result from the stage of development for country in which it is able to reduce infant mortality but the mothers continue to have a high rate of fertility. The outcome of this phenomenon is that a large share of the population is made up of children and young adults. Problems that may afflict a country with a Youth Bulge is social and political volatility from the large mass of unhappy youths.

A Graying Population is when the population of a country is steadily being composed of more and more older people. There is also a corresponding reduction in the number of people in the workforce as well. This Graying Population phenomenon is usually seen in developed and developing countries where birthrates are low and life expectancy is long. The people are living longer and healthier lives because of the favorable living and health care environment of the country. The problem that the Graying Population presents is how does a country’s economy handle the costs related to healthcare, long-term care, pensions, and other financial support programs.

A possible win-win solution to the Graying Population would be to use the significant numbers of the Youth Bulge. The country with the aged population and reduced number of people in the workforce could foster an immigration policy that welcomes the Youth Bulge into their country. Offering incentives to the immigrants on education and training would result in a younger workforce that can support the economy with their labor and, more importantly, support the nation with the increased taxable base. The problems of a discontented and restless Youth Bulge would then be averted. The Youth Bulge will have found the avenue to fulfillment and happiness by actively contributing to economy’s vitality and stability.

Question 4

A definition of a super empowered individual (SEI) states that an SEI is a person who has fought against constraints, defied conventions, and defeated rules. A SEI is someone who has the ends, ways, and means to affect change in the world. The SEI is usually someone who has accumulated immense wealth and uses that fortune to affect political, economic, intellectual, or cultural change internationally. A SEI is the result of global changes in politics, economics, and society. SEIs leverage their money, moral authority, or expertise to trigger the change that they want. SEIs come from all walks of life. They can be industrialists, religious leaders, criminals, financiers, media moguls, celebrity activists, anarchists, and terrorists. A SEI like Bill Gates can use his power for philanthropic purposes. But an SEI like Osama bin Laden can use his power for uncharitable purposes. It is possible that the relationship between an SEI and a national government can be strained or antagonistic. At the same time, an SEI may have significant influence on the policy that the nation is forming. SEIs are often employed by nations as a means to outsource foreign policy.

The existence of SEIs along with other nonstate actors like multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations has transformed international relations. Nation-states nowadays must consider the influence/effect that SEIs may have in the world geopolitical arena. SEIs have tremendous international influence that can no longer be ignored or overlooked by nation-states when conducting geopolitical analysis.

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