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After completing my graduation in electronics and communication and gathering practical experience in a leading logistics company in Dubai, I would like to hone my skills further by pursuing a management course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I believe that this course will empower me by helping me build a strong insight in the subject and updating me with the recent technologies. Just like Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” I feel that my academics and my work experience are all dots that are yearning to fall in line, and a career in supply chain management is the line that will connect all these dots.

I have always been amazed by the shrinking boundaries of the world and everything being shaped into one unified globe. The extent of global presence can easily be traced in any super mall where you can find products that have been produced in different continents and yet they are in your hand’s reach. Even a slice of pizza has the whole world in it, the vegetables, the bread, meat cuts and the herbs can come from several different countries. A large credit of this massive globalization goes to the logistic industry and today it has become an indispensable part of our development. Sometimes I wonder that there was a time when traders and explorers used to spend their whole life in taking one small ingredient like black pepper from one country to another. However, in today’s world, the same black pepper can cross seven seas in less than 24 hours. This shows how fast the logistics industry has grown and how strong it has become today. The whooping development of e-commerce industry is constantly pushing the horizons of the logistics industry and demanding for highest efficiency and groundbreaking innovations. I wish to make a substantial contribution in this changing sphere of logistics and supply chain management with my innovation and in-depth knowledge of this field.

My inclination towards pursuing a career in supply chain management was conceived during my graduation years at BITS Pilani, Dubai. A graduation in electronics and communication helped me in acquiring firm grasp of the underlying principles of subjects like microprocessor systems, analog communication systems, microelectronic circuits, information theory and coding, circuits and signals and major communication networks. In the last semester, I got the chance to participate in a project on Computer-Based Model on Numerical solutions and algorithm of Fredholm integral equation. The report in depth dealt with solving Fredholm integral equations by using Matlab. The general theory underlying the Fredholm equations is known as Fredholm theory. One of the principal results is that the kernel K is a compact operator. Compactness may be shown by invoking equicontinuity. As an operator, it has a spectral theory that can be understood in terms of a discrete spectrum of Eigenvalues that tend to 0. During the days of my undergraduate studies, I found out about the role electronics and communication in logistics, and I started delving more into this field.

During my internship at ETA Starportal, I acquired a lot of knowledge about International Business, International Logistics Management, International Trade, and logistics and supply chain methodologies.

Working on these projects helped me understand for the first time how international logistics and supply chain works. I also developed an appreciation for the “big picture”, and conversely how important the logistics and supply chain management is. In this work I published and monitored events, built relationships with new clients and facilitated bids, increased revenues by convincing suppliers, and also managed and scheduled bids on the basis of priority.

Having found my inclination in logistics and supply chain management, I find it to be the most suitable career for me. Hence, pursuing an MS supply chain management is the most rational step towards a successful career ahead. After long discussions with my professors and thoroughly researching several websites of colleges offering this course, I have no doubt that this university is the best to pursue my further studies. Studying at your college will not only provide me an opportunity to obtain knowledge from the classes and workshops conducted by qualified instructors, but will also augment my personality with all the soft skills which will crucial for excelling in my career. The close links of the college with the industry will help me to apply the knowledge and theory in real practice through project works. I look forward to benefiting from the diversity of your classroom and multiply my learning by gaining from the diverse experiences of my classmates. The knowledge and kind of exposure that I get from your university will lay a strong foundation and propel me towards my aim.

Thank you for your time to read my statement of purpose and to give me an opportunity to express myself as a prospective student.

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