Essay: Use and spatial qualities of public spaces

{The production of a new urban public experience.}

An Intersection of an Ecological Design of Urban Wellness. (Thesis Topic)

Looking at Public spaces as connector’s, where people of different cultures can come and intersect in an urban public space.

The topic is developed based on research of the use and spatial qualities of public spaces, iconic buildings and cultural centre spaces. These can act as spaces to active and reconnect the surrounding urban area by reimaging the boundaries as cultural spaces which is connected to the city and public buildings as generators for an urban life. And an Architectural environment that enhances both social and interaction of wellbeing. A place of exchange with outdoor spaces and activity zones where people can relax, gather, learn and play. The space will act as a city generator and link public spaces together.

If public spaces and parks are planned around major public destinations, they build local economies, civic pride, social connection and human contentment. These spaces serve as ‘safety valves’ for a city, where people can find either breathing room or relaxation in a well-planned space. The most effective public spaces are ‘multi-use destinations’ with many attractions and activities, where citizens can find common ground and where society and economic strains can go unnoticed.(‘the Future of Cities Placemaking and the,’ n.d.)


When public spaces are successful they will increase opportunities to participate in communal activity. This fellowship in the open nurtures the growth of public life, which is stunted by the social isolation of ghettos and suburbs. In the parks, plazas, markets, waterfronts, and natural areas of our cities, people from different cultural groups can come together in a supportive context of mutual enjoyment. As these experiences are repeated, public spaces become vessels to carry positive communal meaning. (Carr, Francis, Rivlin and Stone, 1993, p. 344)

‘In memorable experience of architecture space matter and the time fuse into one singular dimension, into a basic substance of being, that penetrates our consciousness. We identify ourselves with this space, this place, this very moment, and these dimensions become ingredients of our very existence. Architecture is the art of reconciliation between ourselves and the world, and this mediation takes places through the sense.’ (Pallasmaa 2006: 36)

Importance of public spaces

At this current time a lot of consideration has been given on to the human element in the urban city planning and there is also a need for value in these communal spaces. The meaning of these spaces is generally accepted by one and all. The critical Question is looking at successful public spaces and what makes these spaces successful? Nonetheless one can say that we find that in several instances well designed public spaces sometimes don’t produce a good public response. In this paper I will explore and study a place where there have been successful public spaces.

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