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This is the second instalment of the personal learning paper .The first one helped us in gathering a few anecdotes from our past to connect with the topics that we have learned in Organisational behaviour.
I will take a few examples from my past that can come in the domain of Emotional Intelligence. It is the driving factor of your behaviour when we face a situation in which our emotions goes for a toss and we do not know how to react in that particular situation. When I was preparing for CAT (Common Aptitude Test) we used to give many mock exams that make us aware of the real exam and test our various skills .Apart from the Aptitude and Verbal skills that are being tested in such exams I think one of the most important factor that is being tested is stress and emptions .In those 3 hours of critical time we are being tested .So In 2013 when I first gave CAT and was doing mock exams ,although I was prepared in my subjects but I always feel that the exams could have been dealt much better as I generally got stressed and unable to cope up with the pressure and could not be able to solve much easier problems .The after effects of this is anger, blurting out to my younger sister ,not being able to study better. That year when I gave CAT I could not score well and thus more pressure mentally, unable to bear my family expectations worsen the situation. I was very disappointed as I have seen many guys who was not a good as me in subjects but have an ability to keep their calm while in an examinations and they cracked CAT that year.
After that failure I just wanted to improve myself .I talked to my father ,my coaching faculties .The suggestions were very simple : do exercise ,meditate for a few minutes and practice the exam in a limited time frame so that I can get a feel of the pressure and judge my performance and track my improvements in managing the stress. I practised on these lines and I was all set to prepare for CAT for the next year as well. I started getting improvements in my score in mock exams and I started feeling more confident .Finally I was able to crack CAT the last year now .Now every time when I get some task with some added pressure I think I am able to handle it as I keep my cool. Another instance, I along with my family was travelling from Vaishnodevi (Katra) to Jammu in a car. We left Katra in the noon and we have to catch our train from Jammu after 5 -6 hours. While we were travelling there was a huge amount of traffic on the Jammu highway but as we were ahead of the schedule we thought that we could reach the railway station on time .After some time we realised that the traffic is too much and in our vehicle is just crawling on the road and in no way we can reach to the railway station on time. Our driver was na??ve but he suggested that there is another road that would make us avoid traffic, so we just took that road and again all set toward the station. To add to our horror after some time the driver said that he do not know the way .My father generally keep his cool but considering the situation he just could not control himself and started verbally thrashing the driver and started shouting on all of us. That moment he was not able to control his emotions .That time my mother and I console him and finally after asking the route to many people in mid-way we finally reached to the station(At that time we have no GPS facility in our phones to help in the way).
Now let us talk about pygmalion effect. At the workplace this effect highly controls the productivity of the employees. I have experienced it myself .I have worked in two projects in my last company and I feel that the confidence of manager in me and rest of the members in my team actually is a big factor in good performance .In my first project the manager is a hothead person and he is very sceptical of the team members and thus he was not in a healthy relationship with the team members. The output of the team was thus not good .And the other manger that I had was very good, gregarious, resourceful and helpful. The bond between the team and him was very strong and thus the output of the project was very good and the team was always highly appreciated by the higher management. Studies have revealed that higher confidence and better relationship of a manager with his employee result in more confidence in the employee .Creativity is also a major factor that comes out of it. Conscientiousness employees work much better and in a creative manner when they are motivated by the behaviour of the manger towards them.
Self-efficacy is the belief in the person’s own abilities with deal with new circumstances. They play a role not only how the person feel about oneself but they also determine to a great extent the success of a person in achieving his/her goals. In my life I have learned a lot of my failures in my past like preparing for exam but not clearing it ,going into the company which actually at first I don’t want to go but I went as I was not confident of myself .That’s where I lacked self ‘ efficacy at that time .I have improved a lot from as I can see the improvement when I face the similar situations now and the change in outcomes .My current position as a student in Great Lakes is taken very proudly by my family and friends. This all had happened because of analysing the failures, working accordingly .The improvement in self ‘ efficacy is very important for not only achievement but effective learning from those achievements and working in furture.Once you have incorporated this attribute into you .You will have the positive psychological capital (confidence in this case) to deal with different situations .This confidence is very important to work ahead in the professional life as well as in the personal life and to move further ahead in life.

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