Essay: Personal Experience in Playing Soccer

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world liked with over 250 million people and over 200 countries. It involves eleven players in a rectangular field with goals at each end. The main aim of the game is to propel the spherical ball at your opponent goal. One can use any part of his body to play the ball except your arms with exception of the Goal Keeper. The game has existed for over 2000 years being played in different forms and rules. However in 1863 various groups started to formulate rules that have culminated to present day soccer rules. The sport management and fan base has changed to modern leagues and competitions with world cup being one of the largest sport tournaments in the world. (Orejan 9)
Since my teen years have had interest in playing soccer as my personal activity and hobby. Playing football and talent development starts in the early years. At this point children within same age group start by team selection to ensure there is balance for fair competition. Not all the rules are followed but this forms the foundation stage. The realities of the game are developed winning and losing, disagreements and injuries forms the joy for the teens. Studies have shown many benefits of exposing youngsters to soccer. The play is quite effective in developing one physically fit and keeping good health. In addition it is highly associated to good mental development and social growth for the children (Fredricks 509)
The interest in playing soccer stays and grows more at youthful age. However playing Soccer as a youth follows most of the professional rules and more requirements to enjoy this game For effectively play one has undergo practicing on techniques and tactics in your area of specialization like finishing, attacking, defending and Goalkeeping, There also general techniques for any effective soccer player notably transition, passing and ball control. As the game has evolved so the techniques of training from personalized trainees, Video soccer drills to software emulation games (Ayim 79). In addition to the exercise nutritional diet plays key role for great success in the field. In as far vitamins, minerals and proteins are important; carbohydrates are the basis for optimal performance. The aspect of nutrition will largely depend the level you are playing at like professional footballers may require scientifically researched diet and specialized nutritionist.
Turning to the real experience at the pitch its absolute funny experience, needs keen attention, sharp mind, creativity and resilience. Here is where the skill experience and talent combine to bring the joy of soccer to the fans and the players. Football fan base has also grown in line to changing needs of football. Fanaticism currently is an industry of its own within minting billions of dollars in ticket sales, rights sales, to football bets. The proceeds obtained from this industry are used for the sport development and even charities football has (McLean & Wainwright 60). The game is played for 90 minutes with a fifteen minute break. It combines times of joy anger, anxiety and sometimes pain to the players and your funs. The game is controlled by the central referee assisted by two assistants and they all ensure rules are followed with fair play. In as far as each player is expected to play the 90 minutes or more the team coach is permitted to make four changes that cater for injuries in case any. Players you need to be aware of the football related injuries, prevention, treatment and detection. (Ayim 79)
In conclusion soccer is a good sport that can help in maintaining good health, physical strength and resilience for both the young and the old. From the experience it’s more than a just a sport but an activity that can even change ones social life. The growth and development of the game needs all stakeholders to continuously improve in skill and tactic to relevant and get the ultimate funny of the Game.
Even though playing team soccer is a sport it has effects to our daily life like its effective Promoting sharing and teamwork, can increase once concentration, self-discipline and resilience. People who play soccer have increased confidence, self-esteem and other interpersonal skills. Few people have the ability to think while on the run or making quick mental decisions this is effectively achieved by playing soccer. On the wider picture it’s a unifying sport played by different people economically, socially and politically.

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