Essay: Nationalism

Nation is defined by Hobsbawm as a social entity only insofar as it is related to a certain kind of model territorial state. Indeed, Benedict Anderson described nation as an “imagined community’ in the sense that the material conditions exist for imagining extended and shared connections, while Paul James demonstrates it as an “abstract community” in the sense that it is objectively impersonal. As a result, nation has various definition, and such definitions change over time.

The relationship between nations and states are closely linked, however, the idea of a nation and a state being the same thing is fairly new in modern politics. Indeed, The nation can exist without state, it can be little distributed around the world and still be the nation. The state, however – can exist without nation, they are capable of ruling others nation which shared barely nothing in common.

Nationalism is an unspecified formation that provides shape to the current modern world we are living in. It demonstrates the way of our communication which involves verbal and physical action about cultures issues as well as with politics. In a nutshell, nationalism claims that humanity is naturally divided into nations, that each nations are known by certain characteristics.

Nationalism matters as a ‘source and shaper of the notion of society’ because it is a vital part of collective projects that give shape to the modern world. Indeed, the fundamental meaning of nationalism is used for categorizing ‘nation’ in order to organize perception of basic human identities. As a result, it helps grouping people together with fellow nationals, hence making them not identical to members of other nations.

According to Keating, there has been many changes as the state is influenced by the trend to deregulate and also the rise of neo-liberal ideology. Indeed, in the modern era, economic change is understood as an usual global process, with the nation-state playing a smaller role. Civil rights also have become increasingly detached from the state and are expressed in a universal idiom. Furthermore, regard of policy-making aspect, it has often transformed into complex networks spanning between the public and private sectors, and the state and international system. As a result, territories find themself less dependent on the state and more on the global market.

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