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What I would like to do is take care of others by giving them good medicine and I would also like to play a professional sport. I am interested in becoming a great hospital pharmacist and an amazing professional football player. When I am a professional football player I would always want to keep my fans happy. Some of the values that are important to me are salary, stability, status, creativity and family. The two careers that I am going to discuss in this paper are hospital pharmacist and professional football player. The career that I like the most out of the two is hospital pharmacist. I would like to become a hospital pharmacist because I like to take care of others by giving them good medicine.

Hospital Pharmacist Job Description
The hospital pharmacists are responsible for all the medications passed around in the hospital. They are specialists in the use and safety of medications. They work alongside physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. They help the doctors determine the best possible treatment for any kind of diseases and they also let the patient know before the medication. The hospital pharmacists are told what to do by the physician and they just do it. The salary for a hospital pharmacist is $97,000-$110,810 per year. Hospital pharmacist make $53.27 an hour. They work 40 hours a week and get paid hourly.

Hospital Pharmacist Education
If you want to become a hospital pharmacist you have to get a maximum of six years education. When you are done with the six years education about hospital pharmacist then you have to be in a five years of pharmacy program. Many people have their four year Bachelor’s and then they go to pharmacy, but it is still five years after that. If you have a degree or not you still have to spend five years in the pharmacy program. Then that gives you a doctor of pharmacy’s degree. The schools that I am interested that would offer me that degree are Yale and The University of Chicago.

Hospital Pharmacist work atmosphere, and skills
The Hospital Pharmacists work in a hospital pharmacy service. They mainly work within the public sector. They are responsible for dispensing of the prescriptions and also the purchase, manufacture and quality of all medicines used in a hospital. Hospital pharmacists work closely with medical and nursing workforce to make sure that the patients are receiving the best treatment, counsel on the selection, dose and administration route. The Hospital pharmacists are masters in the field of medicine and that is one of their main skill to work with medicines. Many of the pharmacists are qualified to prescribe in their own right. The skills that are needed for this career are memorization, strong math and science skills, and working with people.

Why Hospital Pharmacist interests me
Hospital Pharmacist interests me because I get to work with medicine. The other reason that it interests me is because I love giving other people the right kind of medicine. It also interests me to be a Hospital Pharmacist because math and science are two of my favorite subjects and they are used a lot inn Hospital Pharmacy. This career also interests me because it has continued through most of my family. The other reason that it interests me is because it has a great salary and it gives a good amount of money per hour.

Additional information
Some information that I found interesting was that Hospital Pharmacists test medicines before they give it to the patient. I think it is also very interesting that Hospital pharmacist are not always easy to find. Hospital Pharmacists also look at the different kind of drugs in medicine. Hospital Pharmacists are very skilled also very smart. It is very important for Hospital Pharmacists to stay current on everything and it is one of the most challenging part of being a Hospital Pharmacist.

Professional Football Player Job Description
Professional football players take part in athletic events or aggressive sports, according to official rules. They have many duties like to be present at regular practice sessions, and memorizing different kind of offensive and defensive patterns. The Professional Football players have to keep their body healthy mentally and physically. They will play games against other teams in their league. All the football players have to work on tactics, sometimes they might watch videos to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. They also work with specialists like physiotherapists, and sports psychologist. Sometimes they might also work with coaches and team managers. They have to have a certain type of diet from doctors. Football players will play games during the evenings or during the weekends. They will have to travel to different states which means they will be away from home. They also train a lot during the week. The salary of a football player is $770,000- $800,000 per year and more than $90,000 per game.

Professional Football Player Education
Most football players spend three or more years playing college football to get their skills better. If you want to become a football player it is not dependent on the degree you pursue during college. If you want to become a football player you have to graduate from high school. The other thing is that you have to complete a certain number of core courses. You will also have to earn a grade point average also known as (GPA) in your courses. You will have to earn a certain SAT or ACT test score. Some schools also require academic diploma. The schools that I am interested in that would offer that degree is Purdue and Ball State.

Professional Football Player Work Atmosphere, and Skills
The work atmosphere for a football player is outdoors. They always practice outside and they also have all of their games outside. The weather doesn’t matter to them even if it is raining, and snowing they will still have their practices and games outside. There is nothing that can stop a Professional football player from playing games or doing practices outside because they are so used to it. The skills that you would need to have are being very strong, healthy, good listener, being smart, and being very physical. The other skill that you need is you have to follow all the rules of the league.
Why Professional Football Player Interests me
Professional Football Player interests me because football is one of my favorite sports. It also interests me because I like to be physical and football is a physical sport. The other reason that it interests me because it could make me very famous. I would like to become one of the best football players ever lived. I also want to make my name popular. The other thing is that most of my friends like football.

Additional information
You can get a lot of concussions in football if you don’t play smart. Football started as early as the 1820s. Football is the most favored sport in the United States of America. It is a great and physical sport. Football is also known as soccer in some countries. I think that it was interesting when football players are known by a lot of different people. It is interesting that football is the name of two different sports.

How my important values fit with Hospital Pharmacist
When I am around medicine it is a very important value for me. It is an important value because I test all the different types of medicine for different people. My job is to test all the drugs that are in the medicine and fix the drugs in the medicine so that it could be good for children. I will be also be helping out many kind of doctors with the medicine that they should give to their patient. The other thing is that I would let the patient know how to take their medicine before he/she takes the medicine because it could affect them in many ways if I don’t let them know. I would like to help out the patients by explaining them how much medicine they should take and what time of the day or night they should take the medicine. It is very important for me to the patients some of the best medicine I have so that it can help them with any kind of disease that they have.

How my important values fit with Professional Football Player
When I am on the football field during a game and when I look up at my fans I always feel like I will win the game. I will be playing football with a lot of strength for my fans. I would like to make my fans happy by winning every football game I have. I would like to see my fans have hope in me. Whenever I and my team are about to lose a game I will be the one who steps it up and tries to win the game because keeping my fans happy is a big part of my life. The only way that can make my fans happy is if I keep winning my football games and if I keep on trying my best in each and every single game. It will be important for me to make my fans happy.

Conclusion Paragraph
Two of my favorite careers are Hospital Pharmacist and Professional Football Player. I really like both of those careers. I like Hospital Pharmacist because I like to give others good medicine that would help them feel better. I like Professional Football player because football is one of my favorite sports. The career that I would really like to purse is Hospital Pharmacist. I would like to purse that because it has been my dream and most people in my family encourage me to become a Hospital Pharmacist. I would also like to purse this career because I would be working with medicines and I love to work with medicines.

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