Essay: Love and relationships

At some point in life we’ve experienced it, that thing so puzzling that we struggle to find the words to describe. We’ve all experienced that thing called love, whether we received love, gave love, or lost love. There is no wrong answer to the timeless question ‘what is love’? If anything, the literal meaning the dictionary gives cannot be enough to help people understand the concept. What is it about love that makes it such a mystery? How can such an easy to spell, short word, made of four letters, impact so many? There seem to be endless questions that revolve around the concept of love. Many of them cannot be answered because it can mean a variety of things since we have different interpretations. Love doesn’t always end in a ‘happily ever after’ unlike what fairytales want us to think. Sometimes it isn’t about the ending of a story, but it is about the story, the journey, itself.
When it comes to the journey of love, it’s like a match and a candle. A match, by the looks of it, just seems like a piece of wood that can create a flame when rubbed against a rough surface. However, before a flame comes a spark. Spark is connecting with another. Often times, it occurs when one looks at someone and feels a special bond, one that can sometimes be difficult to explain. It’s similar as to having ‘a moment’ with someone else. Such clich?? seems to only happen in movies and books, but sometimes it happens in real life. When the boy takes the girl’s hand, it doesn’t seem like a big deal since he was just a friend. Then, they dance and laugh and talk and find similarities they didn’t know they had. The moment they glance at each other, somewhere between the silences, everything between them suddenly feels different, yet no one will admit it.
Spark ignites the flame that lights up a candle. A candle in its perfect form is the start of a relationship where everything is going the way it’s supposed to, that everything is bright and sunny. It’s the building of a relationship between the boy and the girl. There are all the happy moments and the feeling that nothing can ruin the bond between two people; but once the candle is lit, the wax will slowly melt and disfigure the candle’s perfect shape. It isn’t so perfect after all. The melting wax is a reminder that love doesn’t come without its challenges, pains, and risks and sacrifices. There are the little things it between, the arguments, the miscommunications, and the misunderstandings, which test their relationship. These challenges can only strengthen the relationship or ultimately end it.
The candle burns out darkening the relationship, the natural ending of something beautiful, yet so painful. There are two choices: either create another spark or leave it as it is. It doesn’t always have to mean the end but maybe a new chapter of the story. Candles can be lit again, the flame bringing light once again wiping away the darkness. The challenges might’ve been too much causing the boy and the girl’s relationship to break down; however, with a new light is a new beginning. If it didn’t work out the first time, maybe it will work out the second time around, that is if they are willing to take another chance at their love. If not, there are still memories of their journey that binds them together. It’s up to the two people which choice to make.
After some time apart, the boy and the girl, they found their spark again. How it happened, none of them is sure. It just did. And with the flame that resulted from the spark, the candle that burned out was lit again. The journey might be similar to the previous one, or it might not be. Still, there are lessons that were learned and to be learned in each journey of love. The ending is a beginning. Don’t think about the ending, how it will end, or how it ended, but the lessons and the memories that come with it, whether it may be beautiful or painful.

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