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There have been so many deaths that have occurred in the desert when illegal crossers are trying to cross to the United States. ‘It is estimated that over 5,000 immigrants have died in the Sonovan desert’ (Androff & Tavassoli, 2015). As years pass by more deaths are occurring because illegal crossers do not understand the dangerous that they are going into until they are crossing in the desert or through the ranches into the U.S. These immigrants are not prepared when crossing there are lacking food and water to survive. When these immigrants are left behind there are most likely to die because they can get lost, get bit by a snake, some might be rape and others might be killed(Androff & Tavassoli, 2015).
According to the article (Human Rights Organizations, 2015) ‘It is stated that ‘last year, 61people died in the ranches due to lack of water and 37 were found this year.’ There are a lot of deaths occurring due to the lack of water and the heat exposure.
Illegal immigrants are crossing into the United States because of all the dangerous situations that are occurring in Mexico. ‘In August 20/10,72 would be illegal immigrants from Mexico were lined up and executed. These illegal were kidnap and murder by Los Zetas when the 72 people refused to work for the gang’ (Bernard Firm, 2011). According to the article (The human tragedy)’illegal immigrants were facing kidnapping, murder, and rape from violent drug cartels and ever more cruel human smugglers.’ In the article it stated that ‘hundreds of people die every year trying to cross the border into the United States’ (Bernard Firm, 2011).
This is how some organizations are helping illegal immigrants when crossing into the United States in those hot deserts and ranches. According to the article, (Human rights organizations, 2015) dozens of blue barrels are been place for illegal crossers when crossing in those exhausted weathers. In those barrels gallons of water have been place inside and it is being label in Spanish with the word ‘AGUA’ so illegal immigrants can know that it is drinking water for them. In the article it stated that ‘The South Texas Human Rights Organization set gallons of water for illegal crossers who might get lost in ranches that are located before the Hebbronville Border Patrol check point’ (Human Rights Organizations, 2015). Eddie Canales the founder of South Texas human rights organization stated that these barrels have tall flags to help illegal crossers guide themselves to the barrels. Canales have been very helpful and installed more than 85 emergency water stations near Brooks, Starr, and Jim Hogg Counties(Human Rights Organizations, 2015).
Monica Zavala and Chris Risley are also working together with setting barrels with water for illegal crossers. They want to save lives as well, some people applaud their actions but others questioned their actions. That their stations are watering holes for drug smugglers who transport tons of narcotics each year.This could be a change in organizations because drugs are involved and these services could be stop.Miss Zavala a social worker and member of Human Borders stated that she is doing this because it’s the right thing to do she is saving lives. These illegal crossers do not listen and they still cross they do not care about the heat until they are there, many women and children have die because they avoid capture and the lack of water (Border wars).
There are more people helping another group that is helping illegal immigrants when being in danger are calling its operations humanitarian and within U.S immigration laws. According to the article (Border wars) they are giving food, water, medical supplies and if necessary they will transport the illegal crossers to the nearest hospital. The members will contact Border Patrol so they can be return to Mexico. Their vehicles have a sign that says ‘Patrullaje Samaritano’ and a green cross, which is the Mexican symbol for assistance. ‘The Samaritan Patrol are being monitor by the Border Patrol to determine its members are not violating immigration law'(Border wars).The border patrols are preventing illegal crossers from entering to the United States. Mr. Ruopp stated that as long as the Samaritan Patrol members are transporting aliens for medical care their effort is humanitarian not violating the law they cannottake aliens anywhere but a medical facility (Border wars).
Keep in mind that if individuals are willing to volunteer or help with the donations of water, first individuals need to have permission or some type of permit before helping. ‘David Millis, a volunteer with the faith based organization No More Deaths, was arrested in 2008 for littering. His crime: leaving bottles of drinking water on trails near the Arizona Mexico border so immigrants walking through the desert would not die of thirst’ (Adam Cohen, 2010). Millis stated that the water stations were not enough so he wanted to go on lands to place some gallons of water. It was not the correct thing to do because he was going in to private property(Adam Cohen, 2010).
Every barrel that is being set up is also label in Spanish with the word ‘AGUA’ and every barrel is filled with water. In the article (border wars), it states that they are putting blankets and medical kits to protect themselves and maps are being provided with the locations of the water stations. There are always telling illegal crossers through news for them not to risk their life when being out there that it is very dangerous. In the article it stated that the border patrol has six rescue beacons in the desert to assist illegal aliens who might get hurt or become ill. The beacon towers are 30 feet high with a light on top so it can be recognize. It has a sign with instructions in English and Spanish and at the bottom center of the sign there is an activation button which is a signal for help. As soon illegal crossers press on the button border patrol will be notify and then they will dispatch a helicopter to the sight. Some of these illegal crossers have been saved with these services provided (Border wars).
Who are they blaming for all those deaths that are occurring? According to the article (David Martosko, 2014) Republicans blame President Barack Obama for the illegal immigrants who are left to die when crossing to the United States. In the article it stated that ‘President Obama declared in 2012 that the federal government would no longer pursue illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S as children before 2007′ (David Martosko, 2014). He also called the DREAM Act to offer those immigrants a permanent residency if they graduated from high school. When he stated all this more and more teenagers and young children where crossing into the United States they wanted to get the services that he was offering. When border patrols capture some of these teenagers some said, that President Obama stated that it is possible to find work in the United States. This also can be related to organizational change illegal crossers want to work in the U.S changes will occur because some businesses have illegal workers and sometimes are not treated right. Some businesses are abusing of them by giving them a lot of work these need to be stop (David Martosko, 2014).
Obama Administration’s recent unfurling of its deferred action policy’ (Harvard, 2013). These young undocumented immigrants were not going to be deported. It stated in the article ‘this immigrants would qualify for the services if they entered the U.S before their 16 birthday, if they have not reached the age of 31 by June 15, 2012, if they have not committed any felony, and if they received a high school or have served in the U.S military’ (Harvard, 2013). Immigrants were given this rights but these was just making it worse because more and more illegal immigrants are continuing to cross they want to live the dream.
According to (Androff & Tavassoli, 2012) several prevention have been implemented, stating the risk of death is, having warning signs in the desert, and encouraging immigrants to return back or to search for rescue by looking for border patrols. But still these efforts have not stopped and rate of death have increase. Human Borders will try to prevent some deaths by providing 100 water stations. The human border stated that they were 200 members and 1,500 volunteers helping with the water they are working together as a team(Androff & Tavassoli, 2012).
‘The government has built 650 miles offence and hired 21,000 Border Patrol personnel. It spent $18 billion on enforcement in 2012 alone’ (Brad Plumer, 2013). The border wall was designed to prevent illegal crossers from crossing into the United States. The country must be protected from any terrorism, drug cartels, and any other situation that may occur. There are a lot of men, women, and children who have died while trying to cross to the U.S. Most of these immigrants’ deaths are due to exposure of severe weather. It is very hot and some immigrants are not prepared with enough water, food and cloth to protect them from the sun exposure. In the article it mentioned that the border wall did not work because illegal crossers are still crossing(Brad Plumer, 2013).
According to (Fisher, D., 2015) ‘despite what is suggested by the Border Patrol’s determination of where fencing is appropriate, border-wall construction may well not be over. One good example comes from 2013 Senate Bill 744, the ‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,’ which passed by a 68-32 vote in the Senate on June 27, 2013. In addition to providing a legal path to citizenship for immigrants who arrived before December 31, 2011, incorporating the previously proposed Development, Relief, and Education for AlienMinors Act (DREAM Act) and the Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act, and introducing the concept of ‘merit-based’ visas, Senate Bill 744 also proposed the allocation of $46.3 billion additional to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Trust Fund. The bill includes allocations for towers, cameras, and ground sensors and, notably, calls for the construction of a minimum of 700 miles of pedestrian fence’ (Fisher, D., 2015).
In conclusion, in order to fight illegal immigration and reduce the charge on human lives the United States must take a full approach by increasing border security and improving legal immigration procedures and public diplomacy as well as developing reforms and greater efforts to break down on human smuggling. Thanks to thoseorganizations that are working together to make these changes,for helping illegal crossers live. It gives organizations a greater opportunity to expand by attracting more volunteers to save the lives of those in need. Some are risking their lives and career if they do not have permission or a permit when volunteering with the water. If individuals do this without a permit or permission they will be arrested because they might think you are helping illegal immigrants cross into the U.S. These services and assistance is being monitor by Border Patrols for them not to violate the law.

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