Essay: Admiral James George Stavridis – non-lethal force

Admiral James George Stavridis was born in February 15, 1953 in west palm Beach, Florida. He is a United States Navy retiree, he served as the 15th commander in the U.S. European Command from May 2009 to May 2013. He also served as NATO’s 16th Supreme Allied Commander Europe from June 2009 to May 2013. He’s the first navy officer to hold this position and graduated successfully from the U.S. Naval Academy. He also ordered the destroyer USS Barry [DDG 52] from 1993-1995, the Destroyer Squadron 21 in 1998,the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group from 2002 to 2004 and the U.S. Southern command in Miami focused on Latin America and the Caribbean from 2006 to 2009. Stavridis served as a strategic and long range planner on the staffs of the chief of naval operations and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as the executive assistant to the secretary of the navy and the senior military assistant to the secretary of defense. He holds numerous awards and medals, including two awards of the defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Defense superior service Medal and five awards of the Legion of Merit.
Stavridis is also an accomplished author.Admiral James stavridis gave a speech on TED Talks about Open source security and how security has changed over time from having trenches in the 1st world war, to the marginal lines of the 2nd world war and the cold war, to the iron curtain and the Berlin wall. He believes that walls no longer work in Europe but instead bridges should be used which will bring communities together.
Open sourcing in essence means connecting international groups, inter agency cooperation, private- public cooperation and binding it together with strategic communication largely in social networks since global comments are under threat and can only be solved socially. Some of these threats include piracy in the Indian ocean, strip of Malacca and the Caribbean, cyber crime or sea like credit scams, trafficking of narcotics, illegal weapons and human beings and terrorism.
In the 21st century, Security will not be delivered through guns, although in some areas application of the gun may have to be used but through open source security. Open source security has been applied by NATO in collaboration with the private sector, development partners and over 50 states to train not only the afghan police and military in combat action but also in basic reading and writing which develops their own personal lives. NATO also has a U.S. navy warship called the Mercy and the Comfort based at the Caribbean which are hospital ships conducting patient treatments of over 400,000 patients. Different agencies send volunteers, drugs from different areas to serve in these ships. The U.S. military also has baseball clinics with the locals by allowing serving military personnel with skills in baseball to train kids on the game hence becoming role models to them. The military also sends rescue personnel and helicopters to disasters zones like areas hit by earth quakes or floods.
In conclusion, although NATO’S is a competent and efficient military force that can create real military effect on the ground as it seeks to protect freedom in our society through either sheer power or open source security. It’s encouraging that a NATO commander believes that military power should not always be used as a solution but other non lethal ways can help achieve the desired results. I totally agree with him since most problems are social issues that need social solutions and open source security is paving the way perfectly.

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