Dr. Maryam Matar

Dr. Maryam Matar is known for her devotion to community services, she was the first Emirati woman who worked in the public sector as the administrator of the Department of Health. She is the creator of “UAE Down’s Syndrome Association” and “UAE Genetic Diseases Association” (Bell, 2014). Dr. Matar is known for determination, loyalty, and faithfulness to support and improve people’s lives.

There are many reasons why Dr.Matar is a successful entrepreneur. Firstly, she is known as an expert in the health sector. Maryam is an influential woman; her well-known support resulted in achieving many awards such as “Best Healthcare Project” and many more (DWE, 2015). Secondly, she is also known for her true passion in helping people. Dr. Matar founded the “Down Syndrome Association” in 2004 (Bell, 2014), she cheered people with Down syndrome to have the abilities and skills to join the public by participating in events and going to school that is not assigned for Down syndrome people only but to join a normal school and be proud of themselves (WAM, 2009). Dr. Matar is aiming to give those individuals a better life and is keen to support them.

According to Dr. Maryam Matar, anything could be accomplished by a clear goal and cooperation. H.H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan aided innovation, inspiration, and business to women to help them attain their ambition. He was behind her great success as well as other people who helped her achieve her goal (Thumbay, 2013). Her vision is to pursue the dreams of other people by encouraging them to join the Health and Medicine career sector. I am inspired by Dr. Matar because were she stands now is a huge place and she accomplished many things in her life that made her who she is now. She encourages women to focus on their goals and to have determination and also to take risks that will help them chase their dreams. Maryam is a powerful women, she had many positions and launched many associations as well as she is now a founder and a chairwomen of Dubai cares (Thumbay, 2013). In conclusion, I discovered that Dr. Maryam is an aspirational woman that I look up to, being the first Emirati women to work in the public sector especially in the healthcare is a huge accomplishment and she deserves it because she influenced many people and she helped them as well “I live what I do. I am lost if I don’t help others,” she said. “The only way to help me get to my destiny is the humanitarian way.” Dr. Matar Said (Bell, 2014). Being courageous, powerful, and passionate is what makes a woman believe in herself.

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