Assignment: Speech entitled “Is immigration good for Britain?”

Today’s talk is going to be about, ‘is immigration good for Britain’? In this speech of mine will I walk you through four subtopics and these are, economic, social, cultural and political aspects of UK immigration.

But first of all, I would like to give you a short insight or introduction into what I will tell you about, for those who may not know what the man is talking about. Since the European union chose to include several East European countries, has the number of immigrants to Britain raised steeply. The official figures on the number of immigrants to Britain between 1991-2012 were more than 3 million, but we are afraid that the number is much higher. Alone in London is meant to stay more than 150.000 Rumanians. From 1993 to 2013, the number of foreign-born people in the United Kingdom increased from 7 percent to nearly 13 percent; it is a lot for a country of 65 million citizens.

According to several surveys where more than 20.000 people have responded, can we see that the high number of immigrants has not exactly led to a positive opinion in the population, 60 percent think that the immigrant’s does more harm than good for the British society, and 77 percent believe that a drop in the number of immigrants, will strengthen the economy. These surveys were made for former Conservative party deputies chairman Lord Ashcroft.

Later analyses published by the OECD, however, shows that the British people opinion is mostly wrong, immigration was neither a weakening nor strengthening of the economy. I will just read a small excerpt of the analysis to substantiate it:

The OECD report said: ‘According to recent opinion polls, about 50 per cent of citizens in European countries and in Canada believe that immigrants
contribute less in taxes than they receive… are a big burden on the public purse. [But] migration represents neither a significant gain nor drain for the public purse.’

The Offices for National Statistics released another report, concluding that immigrants in the United Kingdom gets better education than their English equals.

So if most statistics cannot prove the English people’s opinion, where does this hatred so come from? I called it a hate, but is perhaps more a fear of what is going to happen with Britain in the future. 13 percent out of a country’s population is really much, and perhaps it is starting to go up for the British people. The British people all have an opinion that they almost all share, and it is that politicians have not done enough.

The politicians have been criticised extensively for their lack of act against immigration. But immigration policy has been sharpened. But instead of continuing to fight foreigners, politicians should instead use the forces of getting integrated into society; it could perhaps get the British people to change opinions towards immigration, because we know that it does not damage the economy. One of the things that many find good thing about immigrates is that they are willing to take jobs that British people do not necessarily want to have.

One of the major problems with immigrants today and always has been is that when they come to this country gather them from the same country and those who have the same culture, and takes over the entire neighbourhoods where there almost only live immigrants. It makes the integration much harder, but also that some immigrants do not feel they have a need to learn or be able to speak English because they still just talking with people who understand their main language.

But still shows a report created by the Office of the National Statistics that almost 90 percent and foreign nationals living in the United Kingdom speaks good English.

The reason that the English people are not happy with all the immigration can perhaps be found abroad, there is in the past not exactly created a good image for example. Muslims. There is a lot going on in the Middle East. Maybe is the English people afraid of that these problems will come up here. But the Muslims who come to the United Kingdom is, of course, mainly Muslims who are escaping for all the bad stuff, UK has everything they are looking for jobs and a society that work.

So why would the politicians not bet on to get integrated immigrants who would like to help out in society, so would the British people might also change position when it dawns on them that it is not any harm to either them or the society.

Thanks for that you would listen to me.

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